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Founded in 2015, Tennessee Preparatory Academy was established with one goal in mind, which is to help students achieve their academic and athletic goals of attending college and playing collegiate basketball while honoring God. Since then our Academy has not only held true to this goal, but we've exceeded our students and the community's expectations in the process (See rankings and facts).


Our academy has seen impressive growth since 2015, and is now one of the few fully Academic preparatory programs in the country. This means that we have the tools to educate our students on top of the other elite services that we provide. Tennessee Preparatory Academy is proud to be a member school of TANAS (Tennessee Association of Non-Public Academic Schools). Our athletics department is proud to partner with the Grind Session (Elite Basketball Circuit) since 2016 to provide the best exposure to our student athletes. These elements combined separate us from the rest.


As a parent, Tennessee Preparatory Academy provides you with a piece of mind in making the decision to bring your high school or post graduate student to an established program. One that will introduce them to biblical principals, ensure their growth both in the classroom and on the court, and instill discipline, responsibility and a sense of confidence in them. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our students, their families and the community. 

Our Philosophy

We are also a christian based school, that teaches principals of the holy bible. We believe wholeheartedly in the Bible's teachings and biblical concepts. These principals shape our daily interaction with our students and is the foundation upon which we build .


We encourage diversity and DO NOT discriminate  on ethnicity, creed, background, familial status or any other circumstances.


Our History

Tennessee Preparatory Academy has been in Memphis, TN since June of 2015. Although we have not been around for an long time, we have made a huge impact not only in our students lives, but in the city of Memphis. We have a substantial following all of the world due to our flawless success rate of placing young athlete's in college. As we enter the new year we anticipate the impact of our legacy to grow.

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