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Tennessee Graduation Requirements

Tennessee Preparatory Academy complies with the Tennessee State Board of Education rules, regulations and minimum standards. To earn a regular high school diploma, students must meet the minimum standards established by the State Board of Education and earn the following 22 credits:

•English                         4 credits

•Mathematics             4 credits

•Science                        3 credits

•Social Studies           3 credits

•Wellness                       1 credit

•Physical Education   0.5 credit

•Personal Finance      0.5 credit

•Electives                        3 credits

•Foreign Language       2 credits

•Fine Arts                         1 credit

Total                                22 credits

The completion of a capstone experience is encouraged, but not required for graduation.

A capstone experience may be completed during the junior or senior year. Options for the capstone experience may include, but are

not limited to the following: junior/senior project, virtual enterprise,

internship, externship, work-based learning, service learning (minimum of 40 hrs.) , or community service (minimum of 40 hrs.)

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