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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

At Tennessee Prep, we call ourselves a preparatory Academy because our students enjoy the nurturing elements of high school combined with the push students need in preparation of education at the collegiate level.  We are very intentional in preserving our students’ youth while providing opportunities for self-awareness, discovery and discipline.

Our National High School Program offers your student a quality education that will give them the opportunity to graduate with a High School Diploma. We accept students from all over the world, therefore once your transcript is articulated an education plan will be created for your student that matches their individual needs.

All Post Graduate Students will sit with our admissions director and  map out the success of their prep year. One requirement for all post graduate students is to take an SAT/ACT preparatory course. This will give our students the opportunity to increase their score, which aids in recruitment. We have a private tutor that gives each student the personalized and individual attention they need to build confidence and competency for the SAT & ACT.

Post Graduate students have the option of taking college coursework while attending Tennessee Preparatory Academy. We advise discussing the number of courses you are interested in taking with the admissions director and coaching staff prior to enrolling. This will ensure that your success with NCAA processes.

Both programs are have weekly study hall requirements to ensure that they are grasping the material that they are taught. Additional assistance is available during this time and students are encouraged to discuss openly any challenges that they are having in their studies.

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